Eurogroup chair Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday said that troika inspectors should return to Greece within the next couple of days, saying that he could not see any reason why they should not return.
According to Juncker, the troika's representatives had been forced to stop negotiations with the Greek government because of disagreements over how the figures given by the Greek side should be interpreted.
The two sides had now managed to arrive at congruent views on this issue and there was therefore no reason for the troika not to return, he added.
Asked whether Greece will receive the 6th tranche of bailout loans, Juncker said this would depend on whether the troika's talks with the Greek side were successfully completed and whether the Greek side's assurances concerning the implementation of the new measures announced were accepted.
In answer to other questions, meanwhile, he said that Greece would definitely need administrative support from the other member-states in order to carry out the announced reforms and manage to collect the necessary taxes.
The head of the Eurogroup noted that a plan for administrative support toward Greece had been decided at the European Council of July 21 and was now heading toward full implementation.