Government vice president Theodoros Pangalos said that the deficit must be crushed with all means, while also stressing that the taxpaying ability of the Greek citizens has been exhausted and the government must turn to a drastic reduction of expenditure, in a statement on private MEGA television station on Wednesday.

Pangalos called for dialogue inside the government as well ahead of the revision and implementation of the new receipt collection measure, noting that the issue has not been discussed by the Cabinet.

"I am in favour of receipts. I consider that the collection of receipts, when done systematically, can limit the phenomenon of tax evasion, obliging those who do not give receipts to issue them, at the same time creating an incentive for the one who collects the receipts with a reduction of his own tax burden," Pangalos said.

The government vice president stressed that it is prime minister George Papandreou who achieved the plan for saving Greece, while second government vice president and finance minister Evangelos Venizelos 'is in the eye of the hurricane' due to the economy.

He attacked main opposition ND and its leader Antonis Samaras for their repeated calls for renegotiation with the EU-IMF troika, adding "I hope we do not live the moment that he goes to renegotiate", and warning that "we cannot play bully to the troika".

Pangalos further accused ND of inciting the taxi strikes and mobilisations while, with respect to the trade unions, he said that "only in Greece, those who want to work are intimidated during the strikes and the trade unionists prohibit them from doing so".

Asked to comment on speculations of early elections, Pangalos said that this should be discussed and that "one cannot easily rule them out". He added, however, that is firm position is that elections should take place at the end of a government's four-year term in office and that governments should exhaust their entire term.