Main opposition New Democracy (ND) on Wednesday lashed out against finance minister Evangelos Venizelos over his latest announcements on the revised measure concerning collection of receipts by taxpayers.

    "Mr. Venizelos decided and ordered: Apart from co-owner of our homes, he now also becomes the manager of our money and, indeed, imposes heavy fines on those who save and do not spend money," ND alternate shadow finance minister Yiannis Vroutsis said.

    ND believes that the citizens can no longer endure "the tax-collection policy followed by the government", and accused the PASOK government of "inadequacy and incompetence in the management of the economic crisis".

    "Apparently, the only thing that does not require receipt/proof is the government's inadequacy and incompetence, at the expense of a society that has long exhausted the limits of its endurance," Vroutsis said.

    He added that the government has so far taken measures that exceed 52 billion euros in order to reduce -- if it indeed has reduced -- the deficit by only 19 billion euros.