A new amendment attached to a draft bill for reforming the health care system on Wednesday will abolish large-family benefits for households earning more than 55,000 euro a year. The benefits were previously received by all families with three dependent children, while higher benefits were paid to families with four or more children.

    The draft bill is currently being discussed by the appropriate Parliamentary committee.

    Loverdos said that the minimum income for receiving the benefits will be increased by 5,000 euro a year for each additional child after the fourth.

    Another amendment outlined new terms and conditions for adoptions and fostering children.

    While tabling the amendments, Loverdos denied reports that nursing staff were being fire from hospitals as part of the labour reserve measure and stressed that, on the contrary, the government was hiring more nurses.

    He also announced that university hospital doctors throughout the country would be given the right to receive patients at the private surgeries twice a week, after lengthy negotiation between doctors and the education and health ministries.