Attica police on Wednesday reported the capture of three separate gangs of thieves and robbers operating in Attica, who were all caught on Tuesday.

    The first arrest was of two Georgian nationals aged 32 and 31 years old, respectively, who were caught in the west Athens district of Ilion on Tuesday morning. The two had just attempted to burgle a house in the area but were spotted by the owner, who called the police and forced them into flight.

    The gang operated chiefly in the early morning in Ilion, breaking into homes and stealing jewellery, money, electronic devices and other objects of value. Under questioning, they admitted to burgling 10 homes in the area during the last month.

    The second gang targeted shops and was caught by the southeast Attica security police. Three Albanian nationals aged 20, 31, and 22 years old were arrested, along with a 38-year-old Greek man. The gang is suspected to be behind 10 armed robberies in shops located in Koropi, Spata, Kalyvia, Markopoulos and Agia Paraskevi, where victims were held at gunpoint with handguns and a Kalashnikov rifle.

    During the arrest and subsequent raids on the suspects' homes, police found and confiscated a revolver, two replica handguns, seven cartridges, a bag of cannabis seeds, a can of pepper spray, a rifle butt, cell phones, electronic appliances and jewellery.

    The third arrest was in Elefsina, where two 20-year-old Greek men were intercepted as they were removing two copper pipes used for natural gas with a total length of five metres.

    A subsequent investigation showed that the two men arrested were behind a series of thefts of copper pipes from six apartment buildings in the Elefsina area, with a total value of 15,000 euro.

    All the suspects arrested were led before an Athens first-instance court prosecutor.