The stance adopted by the examining magistrate who was against taking into custody controversial football club executive Makis Psomiadis was strongly criticized by the prosecutor who was in favour of the measure, it was made known on Wednesday.
An appellate-level Council of Magistrates on Tuesday settled the dispute between prosecutor and examining magistrate ruling that Psomiadis (in the meantime he was released on bail) should be taken into custody for his alleged role in a massive match-fixing scheme. Psomiadis, who apparently has jumped bail, is now wanted by police.
In her proposal that was submitted to the Council of Magistrates, the prosecutor lashed out at the examining magistrate, stressing that he did not consider Psomiadis to be a high-flight-risk defendant despite the restrictive measures he had imposed on him based on incriminating evidence.
She also contradicted the arguments used by Psomiadis concerning the taped conversations in which he participated stressing that in his deposition dated Sept. 20, 2011 he had admitted that the conversations had indeed taken place.
The prosecutor is convinced that Psomiadis, despite his objections, is the real owner of Kavala FC and maintained that there are serious indications that the accused was involved in money-laundering.
The prosecutor also used specific excerpts of Psomiadis’ taped conversations to overturn his plea that he was not involved in “match-fixing” and “referee selections”.