Travel revenues grew by 16.9 pct in July this year, compared with the same period in 2010, for an increase of 14.2 pct in the January-July period, the Bank of Greece said on Wednesday.

    The central bank, in a report, attributed this positive development to higher revenues from citizens from countries outside the EU-27 (29.3 pct) to 1.87 billion euros, while revenues from EU-27 countries totaled 3.593 billion euros in the January-July period, up 7.7 pct form last year. Revenues from Germany rose 7.4 pct, while revenues from the UK fell 3.6 pct. Revenues from Russia jumped 80.2 pct.

    Incoming travel totaled 2.984 million travelers in July, up 7.2 pct from the same month last year, for an increase of 11.4 pct in the seven-month period between January and July (8.288 million).