Sea cruise, yachting to grow further in 2012, minister says

Culture & Tourism Deputy Minister George Nikitiadis on Thursday expressed his confidence that sea cruise and yachting will grow further next year.
Addressing a conference on “Shipping Today & Tomorrow -International Developments, Trends and Investments in the Greek and International Shipping-Tourism Market”, Nikitiadis said Greece already holds a significant share of the European sea cruise market , reaching the top in 2009 and predicted that Greece will resume this position soon as the government was rapidly implementing a sea tourism development plan. The Greek minister stressed that establishing Greece as a home port for sea cruise could add up to 4.0 pct of the country’s Gross Domestic Product. Nikitiadis said that demand for sea cruise grew by 12 pct on average in the last five years and stressed that Greece could benefit from this trend, although he noted that sea cruise revenues lagged behind the growth rate in the sector.

Greek revenues from sea cruise was 4.3 pct of total European revenues, when its share in the market was 20.9 pct. Revenues fell to 4.0 pct of total European revenues in 2010.

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