Greek world-renowned ultra-marathon runner Yannis Kouros at dawn Friday finished the "Pheidippides' Achievement" course in front of the Sanctuary of Pan in Thission, Athens, clocking in at 61 hours and 17 minutes, tired but visibly moved by the people who lined up along the route to cheer him on.

The feat was a repeat of the course he ran in 2005, when he covered the approximately 500 kilometers of the Athens-Sparta-Athens route in a record time of 53 hours, 43 minutes and 11 seconds. This year, the 55-year-old Kouros had to battle not only fatigue and rough terrain, but also strong opposite winds, which slowed him down.

Kouros set off on the first leg of the ultra-distance race on Tuesday afternoon from the Sanctuary of Pan in Thission, arriving in Ancient Sparta at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday, having covered the distance in 24 hours and 13 minutes.

After a five-minute break for statements to the local press, Kouros set off on the second leg for the return to Athens, ending again at the Pan Sanctuary.

Kouros, who was born in 1956 in Tripolis, is well-known all over the world for his decades of mythical and unbroken world records in ultra-running.

He currently holds more than 115 world records.

Kouros is also an author, poet, composer of songs and instrumental pieces and painter, as well as being acclaimed world-wide as a visionary and supporter and promoter of peace around the globe.