Two elderly brothers, from a prominent wine-making family in Naoussa, Imathia prefecture, drowned in a vat full of grape must, police said.

Agamemnon and Antonis Melitzanis, aged 83 and 75 respectively, the third generation of the "Melitzanis Vineyards" family label, were preparing the grape must when the tragedy occurred.

According to eyewitnesses, the 83-year-old Agamemnon was stirring the fermenting must in the vat when he apparently was overcome by the fumes and fell into the vat. His 75-year-old brother Antonis tried to pull him out but was apparently also overcome by the fumes and fell into the vat.

Relatives who heard the brothers crying for help immediately alerted police, but when firefighters who rushed to their assistance pulled the two brothers out of the vat they wee both dead.

The Melitzanis family has been making its own family-label wine since 1918.