Members of the EU-IMF troika mission in Greece on Friday held a round of meetings with Greek ministers, including a second meeting with Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos. Sources at the finance ministry said the talks between the troika and Venizelos will continue until Sunday at least, in order to arrive at a final agreement on fiscal targets for 2011 and 2012 and get a 'green light' for disbursement of the 6th tranche of bailout loans to Greece.

Members of the mission also held talks at the justice ministry concerning the backlog of cases at Greek administrative courts, especially those linked to tax offences, and with Administrative Reform Dimitris Reppas concerning the labour reserve measure.

The meeting with Reppas was also attended by Venizelos, given that the cabinet is to make the final decisions concerning the labour reserve at a cabinet meeting on Sunday.

Talks between troika inspectors, Venizelos, Justice Minister Mihalis Papaioannou and Reppas are due to continue on Saturday.

Their meetings on Friday were not entirely without incident, however, as an impromptu protest was set up by about 70 justice ministry employees outside the ministry when troika officials entered, protesting against their visit.