Prime Minister George Papandreou pledged that Greece will fulfill its commitments while speaking to reporters after holding hour-long talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy here on Friday.

The Greek premier stressed that he and the French president "had a very good discussion on the developments in the eurozone."

Papandreou added that "I stressed and I am stressing that Greece will fulfill its commitments and will proceed with all the necessary reforms, as it is also doing with whatever price and cost because precisely we ourselves want to change our country, to change Greece, to be a competitive and socially fair and developmental country. To become a country which gets out from the crisis and is securing confidence and security for its citizens. We are, therefore, determined absolutely. We are also determined absolutely for there to be transparency in everything."

Papandreou further said that he requested from Sarkozy to send French experts to observe and have a full picture of what Greece is doing. He also added that is also invited any other European country, which will express the wish to send its own experts to acquire a full picture of what is happening in Greece. "There shall be absolute transparency in this way of what Greece is doing," the prime minister said.

Lastly, Papandreou thanked Sarkozy and the French people for the longstanding support they have shown for Greece as well as today at this crucial moment. "It is a support that the Greek people recognise and it is very useful today when we are passing through a crucial period. This support is valuable for Greece to change and become a better Greece," Papandreou added.

On his part, Sarkozy said that Papandreou "assured" him of his "absolute determination" to implement "scrupulously" all commitments undertaken by Greece.

"The failure of Greece would be a failure for all of Europe. It is not possible for us to let Greece fall for moral and economic reasons," he added.

Sarkozy clarified that he intends to go to Germany in the coming days to "speed up" the plan for the rescuing of the common currency, as the AFP reported.