Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras advocated a "smaller state and fewer taxes" as a prerequisite for Greece to enter into growth rates, in a newspaper article he wrote appearing on Sunday.
Samaras strongly criticised the PASOK government of expanding the state by creating more than 70 general secretariats, directorates and authorities, and of creating positions and appointing thousands of "political friends" under intransparent procedures.

In the article, appearing in To Vima newspaper, Samaras warned that the "tax-grabbing" measures imposed by the government are destroying the economy and society, and exterminating the middle class completely.

Samaras reiterated his own proposal for reserve labour which, he explained, does not include layoffs in the public sector but would drastically reduce the country's deficit without causing problems to society, "in antithesis with the government's proposal, which sets off explosions and results in a very small reduction of the deficit".

The ND leader further accused prime minister George Papandreou personally of winning the last elections by making false promises.

He said that the country's exit from the crisis requires sacrifices, "but sacrifices with prospect".

"Greece can be saved without the Greeks dying," Samaras said.