Coalition of the Left, Movements and Ecology (SYN) party leader Alexis Tsipras urged party cadres and MPs to deposit the money corresponding to their electricity bill at the Mortgage and Loans Fund and refuse to pay the extraordinary surtax on real estate -- which will appear on the taxpayers' electricity bills -- "because it is illegal and unconstitutional". Addressing his party's central political committee on the weekend, Tsipras urged the move as "a political act, an act of solidarity, and at the same time a symbolic act", standing at the side of the "people who cannot pay, even if we can".

He added that "we who are able to pay the illegal and unconstitutional surtax on real estate" should be deposited in a "mutual assistance fund, the fund of a state organisation which is on the verge of collapse".

"Personally, I am considering depositing that money at the KETHEA (Drug Detox and Rehabilitation Center) which the government is closing down," Tsipras continued.

The proposal has already been approved by the SYN-led Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA parliamentary alliance) secretariat.

Tsipras further reiterated his proposal for a new "coalition of power" that would reorganise the political scenery and create new correlations at political and social level, adding that SYN and SYRIZA should in the immediate future undertake coordinated initiatives.

On prime minister Papandreou's statement after his recent meeting with French president Nicolas Sarkozy that Greece will fulfill all its commitments, Tsipras questioned: "What are the commitments that have been made? Are they commitments of the country, or personal, secret commitments of Mr. Papandreou?".

He also reiterated his call for early general elections, stressing that the government does not have the democratic legitimisation for assuming commitments.