A robbery with a haul in the region of 1.5 million euros, according to initial reports, occurred at a branch office of Alpha Bank at Eleftherios Venizelos airport in Athens at 16:43.
According to police, a person claiming that he was phoning from the head office of the ERGO company, called the Alpha Bank branch office at the airport and spoke to a woman employee, telling her that on Sunday two employees of the ERGO company would be arriving holding a company card and wearing blue overalls, to carry out innovation work at the branch office. He also revealed the identity of the people who would be carrying out the work.
At 16:43 and after the bank had closed for the public, a man wearing blue overalls appeared, holding a tools case, and showed a card of the ERGO company and revealed the identity mentioned in the phone call, convincing the employees to let him through in this way. He took a measure out of the case and pretended to be masuring the bank's premises until he reached the place where the safe was located. He then pulled out a pistol and ordered the employees to give him the safe's combination.
The employees reacted initially and refused but were forced to obey at gunpoint. The man opened the safe, took three big bags out of the tools case and filled them with money. He then tied up the three employees and immediately afterwards ran to the exit where, according to a testimony, he boarded a taxi and disappeared.
It is noteworthy that the branch office at the airport remains open until 16:00 on Sundays to be of service to the public.