Four offset benefits’ contracts that will lead to research programmes are currently in effect according to a defence ministry document forwarded to parliament, it was announced on Monday.
The document was forwarded in response to a relevant question by Democratic Left MPs Fotis Kouvelis, Thanassis Leventis, Nikos Tsoukalis and Grigoris Psarianos.
In his response Defence Minister Panos Beglitis referred to Contract No 16/00 with “Lockheed Martin” which provides that the Academy of Athens Biomedical Research Foundation will receive the sum of 1 million euros for research and Contract No 13/03 with two 2-million-euro programmes for the Academy of Athens Biomedical Research Foundation and a 39-million-euro programme for SONAC company to develop and build replicas of armoured vehicles.
Also, Contract No 02/07 with RAYTHEON provides for a US $ 1.95-million programme for Theon Sensors company to develop night vision goggles.
Contract No 03/09 with Goodrich provides for two programmes, a US $ 55,000 programme for the Army Research and Technology Centre (KETES) to develop a robotic vehicle and a US $ 980,000 for “ISI Hellas” to develop a Portable Reconnaissance Screening System for the Air Force.