Prime minister George Papandreou urged the Greek Police financial and electronic crimes squads to "let no one off", during a visit to the General Police Headquarters (GADA) on Tuesday morning, where he was briefed by the squad on its activities, and congratulated the staff on its efforts, saying its successes reflect the efforts being made by Greece, "particularly now when the entire world is watching the effort of the Greek people to put the country in order".

    "Let no one off, that is the sentiment of justice demanded by the citizens," Papandreou said, adding that the Greek people are paying the price for the lack of transparency, the corruption, unlawfulness and injustice "which, if they had not become inflated, today we would not have any debts".

    The premier stressed that the economy needs to be put on the proper foundations.

    He said that the squad, selected on merit, has proven to be a dynamic that has noting to envy of the corresponding squads in other countries and praised its spirit of innovation, noting that the members are trained professionals in the economic sciences and information technology.

    The squads have been operating as an autonomous directorate with the Greek Police (ELAS) since August this year.

    Briefing the premier, the chief of the economic crimes squad Adamantios Stamatakis said that in its two months of operation, the new directorate has conducted a plethora of investigations and has drawn up 107 case files, noting that financial crimes, such as smuggling and the black economy are crimes against the state itself.

    As for the electronic crimes squad, squad chief Manolis Sfakianakis said it held one of the top places in uncovering and prosecuting child pornography cases, adding that since August the team has also aerted 286 suicides.