Main opposition New Democracy (ND) party leader Antonis Samaras on Tuesday referred to rising crime rates and the insecurity experienced by citizens, coupled with the rapid increase in illegal migration.
In a question tabled in parliament and directed to the prime minister, Samaras stated that 'the crime rate in the country is on the rise", stressing that “the action of organized crime groups or individual criminals, has reached every corner of the country.”
He underlined that “the situation in downtown Athens is out of control” pointing out that “drug trafficking, prostitution, illegal migrants and extortionists have made certain neighbourhoods inaccessible and very dangerous to citizens and unsuspecting tourists.”
Samaras accused the government of not taking substantive measures against illegal migration and underlined that at the same time, the Greek Police is faced with heightened problems due to the declining personnel numbers as a result of retirements and the shortages in essential equipment and supplies.