The main opposition New Democracy (ND) party on Tuesday categorically rejected further salary cuts in the private sector, pointing out that such a move would have only negative consequences on society and the economy.
ND spokesman Yiannis Mihelakis underlined that the result of such a decision would be to push the country even deeper into the vicious circle the Greek economy is experiencing.
Mihelakis also accused the ruling PASOK party of attempting to put down the ND proposal for the renegotiation of the terms of the memorandum because the “government never negotiated about anything and accepted everything without objection.”
Mihelakis made the comment in response to Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos’ statement that “the ND leader now knows if he can negotiate with the troika”. The statement was made after the meeting of ND leader Antonis Samaras with the representatives of the troika (EC-ECB-IMF).
ND also lashed out at the government criticizing it for its economic policy on the occasion of its second anniversary in office.
Referring to the Greek economy figures, ND economy sector deputy head Christos Staikouras stressed that “the economic situation has deteriorated in the past two years, recession has become deeper, unemployment has skyrocketed, there are no prospects for competitiveness, the psychology of entrepreneurs and households is at its lowest, privatizations are not being implemented, the competitiveness of the economy is dropping, while debt has inflated.”
Staikouras underlined that “all forecasts made by the government were wrong” and pointed out that “failing to meet the goals set, leads to new measures that are unfair and ineffective.” He also stressed that “the government has failed” and that “the economy is out of control”.