A marble statue of the mythical god Hermes, a copy of a 4th century BC statue, has been discovered during restoration works of the surrounds of ancient Epidaurus.
The life-size statue depicts the torso of a standing nude man with a cloak on his left shoulder and draped over his arm.
According to archaeologists the marble statue, which is in excellent condition, is believed to have been sculpted in the Roman era, possibly in the 2nd century AD, during Emperor Hadrian's visit to Epidaurus.
Archaeologists are not yet definite whether the head of the statue depicts Hermes or is the reproduction of a noted official of the era.
The place where the statue was found is within the area of the ancient theatre is also believed to have also contained the ancient city's agora (forum).
The artifact was moved to the Epidaurus Museum for restoration.
The restoration works in the area are being conducted by the Culture Ministry's Epidaurus Monuments Restoration Committee.