Main opposition New Democracy (ND) deputy elected in Lesvos, Spyros Galinos, announced on Thursday that he is forfeiting all his MP privileges.
Galinos said that has forfeited the 1,000 euros rent allowance, the MP car, first class flight tickets to and from Lesvos island, and the detachment of two policemen and a civil servant to his service.

Furthermore, the ND deputy announced that he will also give all his extra pay for participation in parliamentary committees to donations in order to cover citizens' needs.

Moreover, he said that none of detached employees or his aides are close or distant relatives of his, and pledged that if ever any issue arises, he will not make use of the MPs' immunity law.

"I am a new MP. I found the privileges (when taking office), I did not make them. From the beginning, I used only what was necessary to do my job efficiently. The rest, I tried to make use of them for the benefit of our prefecture and, wherever this was not possible, I forfeited them," Galinos said.