Foreign ministry spokesman Gregory Delavekouras on Thursday called on the Turkish government to respect international law and display a spirit of understanding and cooperation, rather than “militarising” discussions.

Delavekouras made the comment in response to media questions on the situation in the eastern Mediterranean, while he reminded that Cyprus is exercising its self-evident right by proceeding with research in plot No 12 for the exploitation of hydrocarbons within the limits of its maritime EEZ.

“Greece’s choice and wish is to have good relations with Turkey and that was the purpose of establishing the Greece-Turkey High Level Cooperation Council, which is going to convene,” Delavekouras said. “Athens also wishes that the council will convene but the dates will be set based on the overall framework of bilateral relations,” he underlined.

Referring to “exploratory contacts” with the neighbouring country, Delavekouras stressed that the settlement of the continental shelf issue between the two countries will have very positive consequences. As regards the Cyprus issue, he pointed out that “unfortunately, Turkey continues to be an obstacle and control the occupied territory in northern Cyprus”.

Finally, he called on Ankara “to direct the Turkish Cypriot side toward achieving progress in the negotiations”.