109,000-plus fail to register in IKA-ETAM pensioner census

Greece's largest social insurance fund, IKA-ETAM, on Thursday announced that a census of its pensioners had been completed, with 898,643 pension holders registered. Another 109,421 individuals currently receiving a main or supplementing pension had failed to register.

The census was conducted from July 1, 2011 and September 30, 2011, with pensioners required to physically present themselves to either a local bank or an IKA-ETAM branch with an ID card in order to confirm that they were still drawing their pension.

IKA-ETAM on Thursday announced that the last date for registering at a bank will be on Friday, after which pensioners must visit their local IKA-ETAM branch in order to receive a special payment order that they can cash at the branch cashiers.

The census was carried out to determine how many people currently receiving a pension are actually still alive, after several incidents of pension fraud were uncovered.

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