The implementation of the agreement on the protection and sustainable development of the Prespes Park Area will be undertaken by Greece, Albania, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYRoM) after being published in the official journal of the European Union on Oct. 4, 2011 following its approval by the EU Council of Ministers.

The agreement on the protection of the wetland that straddles the borders of all three countries will be implemented after wining ratification in their national parliaments.

The Society for the Protection of Prespes (SPP) welcomed the EU decision and called on Greece-Albania-fYRoM to meet the obligations they have undertaken pursuant to the agreement and “build a common future in Prespes basin”.

The SPP stressed that the implementation of the agreement is the only way to effectively protect the natural environment and the region’s economic growth via cross-border cooperation and by dealing with the problems within a shared framework.