The Greek electronic secondary bond market was almost inactive in the August-September period, with turnover totaling 46 million euros in the two-month period, the Bank of Greece said on Thursday. The central bank, in a monthly report, said that most Greek bond prices fell in the period, with the three- and five-year bonds suffering the biggest losses, with their prices falling to 53.10 basis points and 50 basis points, respectively, at the end of September, from 59 and 60 bps respectively at the end of July.
Longer term bond prices also fell, with the 10-year bond price falling to 50.20 bps at the end of September from 59.82 bps in July, while the 30-year bond price was unchanged at 49.03 bps.

The three-year benchmark bond yield rose by 695 bps to 34.09 pct, the five-year bond yield rose 7.29 pct to 29.22 pct and the 10-year bond yield rose 3.35 pct to 17.94 pct. The 30-year bond yield was unchanged at 10.07 pct.

The average monthly yield spread between the 10-year Greek and German benchmark bonds widened to 1,591 bps in September, from 1,335 bps in July.