Greek Childrens' Ombudsman George Moschos on Friday took part in a meeting on Greek-Bulgarian cooperation to prevent child-trafficking.

    The meeting focused on the increasing numbers of children, especially Roma children, that are being trafficked in Greek cities since Bulgaria joined the European Union, either to be exploited as child beggars or used in petty theft and prostitution rackets.

    The two sides exchanged information and proposals for dealing with the phenomenon, highlighting the need for closer cooperation between authorities of the two countries. Also discussed was the prospect of a bilateral agreement to facilitate the exchange of evidence and the safe repatriation of the child victims.

    The meeting was organised by the non-governmental organisation ARSIS, Terre de Hommes and other international organisations, with funding from the EU and the support of the foreign ministry.

    Others attending included representatives from ministries, consular authorities, social services, police and prosecutors in both countries.