Another two individuals were detained for questioning on Saturday in relation to the spectacular robbery of a bank inside the Athens International Airport last Sunday, which saw 1.43 million euros vanish.
According to reports, one of the individuals is a 25 year-old employee of the specific Alpha bank branch. The man's father also works in the bank network's security department. Authorities are reportedly examining whether 25-year-old provided details about the premises security and the safe.
The second man is identified only as a bar owner.
Police discovered 293,880 euros in cash in the two suspects' possession and also recovered a replica handgun.
A day earlier, police arrested three suspects, a couple and an Albanian national, the latter allegedly the mastermind of the caper.
A search of the foreign national's residence in central Athens and the couple's home netted 739,530 euros, 8,990 UK pounds, 31,000 US dollars, two handguns, 802 cartridges, a bullet-proof vest and 50 banknote tapes.