The finance ministry on Monday issued an invitation to the heads of Greek public utilities and state organisations, asking them to attend a meeting on Wednesday with representatives of the Fund for the Exploitation of State-owned Private Property (TAIPED) and National Bank of Greece (NBG) to discuss ways to exploit their real estate assets. In the letter, the ministry asks the heads of state enterprises and organisations to cooperate with its financial advisors, giving them full access to information concerning real property belonging to the company or organisation they run.

This includes full access to any technical reports, studies or evaluations of the enterprises' real estate assets, supplying them with pertinent information concerning the particular details of each building or property, making their legal services and data base management staff for the real estate owned by the enterprise available and allowing the advisors to manage the information and data provided.

NBG executives will be contacting the management of the state organisations over the coming days to set up meetings, asking them for the fastest possible response.

A decision of the government committee for Restructuring and Privatisations has assigned nine financial institutions led by NBG to act as financial advisors for state organisation real estate rights.