Main opposition New Democracy (ND) leader Antonis Samaras on Monday repeated his demand for snap elections while again rejecting any "coalition government" scenarios.
Addressing his party’s executive Secretariat, he lashed out at the PASOK government, stressing that its absence from negotiations with the EC-ECB-IMF "troika" was "impressive", noting that a rift has now been created between the Greek people and those who are in government.
Moreover, Samaras warned the government against holding a referendum, saying such a move would “further infuriate the people”, or against resorting to what he called "blackmailing practices" for the purpose of collecting 180 votes (an extended majority) in the 300-MP Parliament.
He maintained that there is no “national line” for him to back, pointing out that PM George Papandreou has made decisions himself two years ago and, therefore, there is no national line that can be drawn jointly.
The ND leader stressed that the policy followed has failed because it was wrong from the start, adding that “it is right to reduce the size of an extravagant public sector but the government has not reduced it. It is right to combat tax evasion but the government did not do anything about it. It is right to proceed with privatizations but first there should be investments.”   
Samaras repeated that renegotiation with the creditors is feasible. He said that the current dead end policy can change through renegotiation and repeated that “we do not want to change the goals set but the ways in which can be met”.
Finally, he emphasised that he “detests populism” and underlined that “the present government is finished”.