In a press conference on Monday, Justice Minister Miltiades Papaioannou unveiled 53 proposals for reforming Greece's judicial system, describing its current condition as "tragic". He also announced his intention to prepare an omnibus bill for speeding up justice that he plans to table in Parliament by the end of November.

    Papaioannou said he was submitting his 53 proposals for dialogue after a series of meetings with the leadership of the higher courts.

    Some of these have already sparked controversy, such as a proposal for the transfer of court material to notaries that lawyers have rejected as unconstitutional and threatened to fight with strike action.

    Replying to their concerns, Papaioannou stressed that he will respect the Constitution and that "nothing will be done outside the framework of the Constitution".

    Other of the measures proposed by the minister are the full deregulation of the legal profession, including that of notaries, in accordance with demands made by the EU-IMF troika.

    The minister said this process had already begun with some legislative measures, with troika officials objecting to restrictions on advertising by legal firms, on the participation of non-lawyers in legal firms and the way that lawyers' contributions are calculated.