Greece, despite its fiscal problems and the need for the support of its institutional partners “is and will always be an equal and active member in the Eurozone that participates in shaping developments particularly those that concern it,” government vice-president and finance minister Evangelos Venizelos on Monday underlined.
Venizelos made the comment in response to questions by members of the media on whether developments in the Eurozone that concern Greece are being shaped in its absence.
He underlined that “Greece has the complete picture of the situation and the capacity to intervene with its own proposals and ideas.” Venizelos stressed that it is not a coincidence the fact that the process of the implementation of the July 21 decisions (that form and will continue to form the basis of developments) is organized having Athens as a centre and always in cooperation with the institutional partners and Eurozone members.
He used as an example the role of the Public Debt Management Agency and the exploratory letter he addressed to 57 of his counterparts acting in consultation with the Eurozone and essentially, on its behalf.

Venizelos said that another example is the successful handling of the issue of the guarantees requested by Finland within the framework of the Eurogroup directives and decisions and with the approval of Eurogroup and the EFSF.