Finance Minister Evangelos Venizelos on Tuesday announced that development are expected in the coming days on the state's real property linked with the tourism and energy sectors, during his address at the "Greek-Mediterranean and Arabic World" Conference organised by the Progressive Policy Research Center in Athens.

The minister also underlined that the Greek banking system is secure and that the banks will not be nationalised.

He also noted Greece's important presence in the energy sector adding that "the Arabic world has a major presence in the latter sector and Greece on its part has a substantial role in the networks policies".

Venizelos reiterated that Greece is and will remain a member of the eurozone, underlining at the same time the US's and other EU members' important role in the Greek crisis.

According to Venizelos, Greece's presence in the eurozone "is not under negotiation, neither by us nor by them. We have found powerful allies in the US and in our EU partners".

Speaking later at a meeting of the party's parliamentary committee on internal and economic affairs, Venizelos said that there will be agreement with the parliamentary parties and parliament president for the vote on the omnibus bill to take place before October 23, when a eurozone summit is scheduled.