More than one in 10 Greeks is an active user of social media such as Facebook or Twitter, according to a survey unveiled on Tuesday by the firm InNews SA. According to this, there are 1.5 million active Facebook users - out of a population of just under 11 million based on a 2011 census. Another 340,000 are active users of Youtube while roughly 85,000 have Twitter accounts.
The figures were based on measurements conducted in the second and third trimester of 2011, using a special platform (Intelligent Social Network Platform) that allows InNews to monitor and analyse the freely available information posted by Greeks on social network sites.

Active users are considered those who post information or comments and allow open access to at least part of their account.

The survey showed that Greek Twitter users are the most active and post roughly 180,000 tweets a day, or more than two posts a day per user. On other networks, users post comments or information about once a week.

Specifically, Greek Facebook users post 240,000 status updates and comments a day, while there are 50,000 daily comments and videos by Youtube users.

InNews will be presenting its methodology at a Social Media seminar organised by FIBEP in Brussels on October 13.