A female Greek police officer working undercover played an instrumental role in the dismantling of an Albanian drug trafficking ring that smuggled cannabis into Greece, it was announced on Tuesday.
Police in Athens arrested a 20-year-old Albanian, the recipient of the drugs in Greece, and confiscated 162.2 kilos of unprocessed cannabis, as well as a private car used to transport the illegal cargo. The suspect’s accomplices are still being sought.
The ring leader has been identified and is wanted in Albania where he resides.
In a separate case, police arrested a 31-year-old Albanian national in the district of Nikea, greater Athens region, after finding in his possession 2 kilos and 297 grams of the explosive TNT , two detonators, a slow-burning fuse and a pistol.
The suspect is a drug addict and police believe that the explosives belonged to another individual.