Despite reactions that occur even by leading ministers, George Papandreou insists on his proposal to change the electoral law. A key element and pursuit will be the implementation of the list in the way electing MPs instead of the cross, which applies today.  

The PASOK president has two crucial arguments in order to ensure support for his proposal, both by Antonis Samaras - to reach the vast majority required for the implementation on the next elections - and by MPs. 

The argument for Samaras is that they can control their parties at a difficult juncture, and not be challenged after a mediocre or bad election result. Already the agony of Samaras is that the event of failure to achieve self-sufficiency in the next elections, will begin the process of his challenging. 

The strong argument toward MPs is that the candidates of political parties will find it very difficult to come out into the world and request a voting cross at the next elections, given the heavy political climate in society. 

Papandreou brought the issue on parliament yesterday Tuesday, although one day earlier in a meeting with ministers from PASOK, his relative hint found many resistances.