During his speech in the debate on the vote of confidence to the government, finance minister Evangelos Venizelos stressed the determination of most political forces that Greece must remain to the euro.  
"Greece is the Greece of the euro. People make sacrifices. But this is not the crisis; this is a tough way to prevent the real crisis that is a return to situations of the '50s and '60s. A wide range of political forces is aware of the situation and willing to see this through."  

As immediate priorities Venizelos presented:  
-   release of the 6th tranche
-   establish the budget for 2012, approval by the cabinet and submission next Friday, November 18, (the aim is to present a surplus)  

He said that the formation of a coalition government created "relief and expectations" and explained that "the magnitude of the crisis and the amount of liability made us all more responsible and more cautious. The imminent collapse of the country and the urgent need for rescue, brought national consultation and consensus, now forming the conditions of reliability."  
However, the finance minister explained that this opportunity is the last and that "we must exploit it to the fullest."  

"This government has historical potential. Its mandate is to fully implement the decision of the October 26 summit. It is uncertain whether funds are available so we have to move with maximum speed and be determined in cooperation with our partners. There is no room for conventional partisan controversy."  

He stressed that citizens are quite scared but still hoping. "We must respond to the fears and establish hopes. The question of whether we have avoided the risk of bankruptcy or not, should be answered positively but to do what we must do what is required to get the 6th tranche before December 15. The release will take us closer to the new program not of 8 billion euros, but of more than 80 billion.