In view of today's celebration of the 38th anniversary of Polytechneio, HE.PO.  are on alert status from early in the morning in an effort to avoid incidents, vandalisms and destruction. 
Although the situation so far does not seem explosive, there might be some of the hard core of anti-authoritarian and hood-bearing protesters that will attempt to cause episodes. Thus, following the command from the citizen protection ministry to keep a low profile, police authorities had to devise their plans for maintaining order from scratch. 
After consecutive meetings at the citizen protection ministry, the officials decided to "fortify" the center of Athens and in cooperation with Rectorate authorities ensure order in all universities. 
There will be more than 7.000 officers, in order to limit as much as possible the use of tear gas and chemicals and apply the doctrine of tolerance and composure. That is to avoid violent reactions from police officers while explicit orders have been given to move into battle only when the situation is becoming dangerous. 
"The guidelines to the heads of the forces are to be discreet and no provoking. If incidents start to occur their reaction will be immediate. We are not here to challenge the assembled. But we will be decisive," said an HE.PO. officer. 
An important role will be played by the counter-terrorist unit. Sources in Katehaki suggest that police officers from the 3rd Department of DAEEB will be in the streets in order to have a closer picture of what is going on, especially from blocks of hard anti-authoritarian groups. 
The HE.PO. plan provides for the guarding of Polytechneio, the American embassy, the parliament, and the EU offices. A special plan has been drafted for the parliament which includes the use of the plexiglass wall. 
7.000 cops will take part. 2.000 will be from DAE, 30 squads from YMET, 20 squads from YAT, large numbers of DI.AS. and DELTA squads, as well as officers from State and Traffic police. Vehicles and officers from the Fire Department will be located at predetermined locations. Just in case, prosecutors will be standing by divided into two shifts.  
Depending on the course of events and in order not to drown the city to tear gas, a water launching vehicle will also be standing by, in an attempt to reduce using chemicals and asphyxiating substances. And this because it failed miserably, since on one hand those who caused trouble were fitted with special gas masks and were not affected by chemicals, and on the other to avoid the risk of causing serious breathing problems to ordinary protesters.