Nearly 4 in 5 companies operating in the country have closed 2009 with losses. Based on what was reported to tax authorities, all commercial enterprises, banks and industries of the country shared profits at 10,3 billion euros. Farmers only cleared 1,6 billion and freelancers 4.

Of the 100 billion reported as net income in 2010 by those who are taxed in the country, 76,7 billion consisted of salaries and pensions. The released data by the General Secretariat of Information Systems covering last year's reported earnings are revealing of the extent of fraud in our country. 

Employees and pensioners continue being the permanent tax beasts of burden, as they paid 55,54% of total income tax revenues in 2009 compared to 52,59% for 2008. 

In contrast, the other taxpayers who include professionals, retirees, traders, farmers and merchant-craftsmen, paid 15,79% of total tax revenue to the state, compared to 16,62% for 2008. Businesses contributed at a rate of 28,67% against 30,79% in 2008 to state revenues from income tax. 

One in two taxpayers appears to state an income below the taxable limit, which then was 12.000 euros, while seven in ten freelancers did not pay tax -4520 as they declared incomes below the tax-free limit.