Two more businessmen with debts to the state in excess of two million euros were arrested by the Economic Police in Thessaloniki. They are the owners of clothing and accessories company “Velkopoulos – Giakoumidis & Co." Collectively, the two partners owe more than two million euros.

The amount of the 51-year-old partner amounts to 1.100.752,64 euros while the other owner, aged 69, has debts amounting to 987.712,82 euros.

According to Greek Police, there are pending charges against the two detainees.

Police operators from the Department of Security Division of Thessaloniki made the arrests.

The two arrested individuals will be brought to the Thessaloniki prosecutor.

Please note that the arrest of the two businessmen will be added to those of Leon Levy, owner of the Bodyline slimming centers and G. Petzetakis, owner of Petzetakis plastics, as well as the arrest of the CEO of the ATTIKAT company, the owner of “Nicolas” salons and the owner of the FENA chain stores.

It remains to be seen if the owners of “Velkopoulos-Giakoumidis” will be released and expected to attend a regular court date, as has been the case with all those arrested in recent days for debts to the government.