The finance ministry will immediately proceed to arrangements and clarifications concerning the notorious special real estate fee and the disturbance caused by sending thousands of miscalculated PPC accounts bills.
The officials of the ministry lean toward "breaking" the next installments for the special real estate fee, starting from the accounts to be issued in early 2012. They specify that the accounts with mistakes will have to be paid normally and will be balanced in subsequent installments, and warn that disciplinary action and prosecution will be exercised to those mayors that ask people not to pay the hike!
As officials of the ministry say, there will be efforts so that a ministerial decree will resolve "with the utmost sensitivity" whatever social problems have arisen for various vulnerable groups.
Specifically on the issue of the decision by the Kalamata Court, that prohibits PPC to proceed in cutting off the electricity of a consumer who was sent the wrong bill, the agents of the ministry said that this decision was in excess of the jurisdiction of civil courts regarding issues about the certification and collection of tax, and argued that the State Legal Council will take all necessary steps in order not to create false impressions to people.