The conclusion of the large march for the 38th anniversary of Polytecnheio was marked by isolated events just after 19:00 on Thursday.
According to estimates by the police, there were at least 15.000 people in the demonstrations, while thousands of police officers are still on guard.
A little while earlier, tension arose at Alexandras Avenue, close to the GADA building, and police had to push the anti-authoritarians towards Exarcheia.
Incidents occurred just after 18:30 outside the American Embassy as well, with anti-authoritarians throwing rocks and pieces of wood against police forces, setting garbage bins on fire and breaking shop windows. The kiosk on Mavili Square was also set on fire.
A group of young people chased after some journalists, against which they threw bitter oranges!
Riot police squads moved in at the Ampelokipoi Metro station, proceeding with one arrest, while in total officers made 70 arrests.
Earlier in the afternoon, there was tension outside the parliament building as well, when a group of young people threw Molotov bombs at the police, who responded with chemicals. This resulted in the guard post outside the European Commission offices at Vasilissis Sofias and Irodou Attikou being set ablaze.