Monday, November 28, is the deadline set for the permanent employees of the public sector, of public bodies and of local authorities which complete 33 years of service and are at least 53 years.

Based on the relevant circular by the ministry of Administrative Reform, those employees should go into early retirement from Monday, November 28, taking for two years, the 60% of the basic salary before the implementation of the single payroll. 

The same circular also provides for a termination of all the typing sections in the ministries, and generally all the service units that have no reason to exist. 

Based on the circular of the ministry, starting next Monday thousands of other workers who have reached pensionable years and remained in service with the benefit of the relevant legislation giving them the option to extend for 3 more years, will have to go to compulsory retirement as well. 

Lastly, it was decided at the successive meetings of official agents to include approximately 30,000 employees under the redundancy program so that the first phase of implementation will reduce public bodies by 30%.