The incomes of Greek parliamentarians remain almost intact, as shown in the 2012 budget. Specifically, in 2012, there will be a provision of 35 million euros for remuneration, benefits, travel costs etc., while in 2011 the corresponding credit was at 36 million.  
However, the 2012 budget is reduced by 27 million compared to last year’s, which means that this is mainly due to cuts in officials’ salaries, employees and equipment.  

- For Members (remuneration, benefits, travel costs etc) 35,016,200 euros, or 1,874,900 euros less than in 2011, is provided.  

-  For parliamentary allowances, 21,226,400 euro is provided (as much as in 2011)  

- Allowances for Members to participate in holiday sessions and the corresponding committees amount to EUR 2,875,000 (for 2011 it was 5 million)  

- Allowances for office organization amount to 8,146,900 euros, just 39,400 euros less than last year.  

- Family members provision is 212,800 euros (as in 2011)  

- Members’ travel expenses: 1,705,100 million (reduced by 10,500 euros compared with 2011)  

- Employer Members EOPYY stands at 850,000 euros (an increase of 300,000 euros compared with 2011)