Papandreou troubled about people telling him to step down

The continued pressure excericsed by PASOK members on George Papandreou in order for him to initiate procedures for the emergence of another party president, as his term of office expired on November 11th, led the former PM to invite leading members of the party to his office in the House in order to discuss the issue with them.  
Successive meetings between Mr. Papandreou, Dimitris Reppas, Anna Diamantopoulou, Andreas Loverdos, Kostas Scandalides, Michalis Chrisohoidis, Christos Papoutsis and Evangelos Venizelos began this afternoon, while it is also possible that he will continue the contacts in the next few days.  

Reportedly, Mr. Papandreou listens more than speaks at these meetings, while common ground seems to have been found concerning the public debate on the issue of leadership, which must end before the sixth tranche from the Troika is released, in order to fulfill the primary goal of Papademos’ government.

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