Greece is willing to pay off her debts and to fulfill the EU support programme said the President of PASOK George Papandreou to the members of Troika.  
It was the first meeting held after the formation of the new government and it occured just a few hours after the talks between Tomsen, Mazouch and Morse with the new PM Mr.Loukas Papademos and the Finance Minister Mr.Venizelos for the 6th installment of the loan towards Greece.  

Mr.Tomsen when asked from the press as to when the 6th installment will be given mentioned that no side wants to comment at this point.  

Later on Troika members visited Mr.Samaras at the ND headquarters and discussed on the same subject, where Mr.Samaras re-assured he is committed to support the coalition government.  
According to their schedule Troika members will meet with LAOS president Mr.Karatzaferis on Sunday.