Germany remains firm in its position of pushing for its own "recipe" for Eurozone issues and is also placing itself separately when approaching its relations with the countries of the Memorandum, beginning with Greece!  
Mr.Thomsen has had meetings today with the PM, the Finance Minister and heads of the political parties and decided not to comment. But German Finance Minister Mr.Schauble was very clear "there is no 6th installment without written consent from Greece", and he used Ireland and Portugal as examples.  

It is apparent that the German government is trying to apply its hard approach in order to fortify its leading position in the Eurozone. With this stance, the efforts that are expected from new PM Mr. Papademos in Brussels on Monday seem futile.  
Mr.Papademos is meeting with President Mr. Barroso and Mr. Rompuy and the following day with Mr. Juncker, all of whom he will try to persuade that Greece will stick to its promise concerning the agreement of October 26.   

ND and LAOS have expressed their disagreement against signing documents that bind them to the agreement, but declared they are backing it.  

This position of Berlin and the comments by its Ministers have raised eyebrows in Europe.  

Indicative of this climate is the disagreement between Mrs. Merkel and UK PM Mr. Cameron on Friday, as well as Paris' disagreement with Germany's idea of a stronger European Central Bank, as well as that of the Spanish PM Zapatero, who declared that the Bank has to look after all its members.