The implementation of redundancy and pre-pension situation in the public and broader public sector goes along with the fear of vacant spots arising in the course. Cases have already appeared, where this implementation of the specialized law to key posts will create empty spots in services due to lack of replacements. 

Deputy prime minister Evangelos Venizelos, minister of administrative reform Dimitris Reppas, minister of transport Makis Voridis and labour minister George Koutroumanis will meet in the next few days to resolve the problems emanating from the application of redundancy. 

According to information the extension of redundancy has already been decided in two cases for objective reasons. The first is for drivers of ETHEL buses and the second for air traffic controllers. If they implemented the redundancy here in the first hand there will be no drivers for all the buses and in the second, it will create many problems on flights in "Eleftherios Venizelos". 

Moreover, according to the ministry of administrative reform, the first notices to those who enter into pre-pension scheme situation have already been sent and they will begin to withdraw from their positions by November 28. 

By the end of the year 30.000 employees would leave their positions. The total of civic servants that would have left their posts this year will surpass 50.000. 

Finally, the measure of redundancy for employees of an indefinite period will start to apply on January 1.