Successive contacts concerning the procedures that will ensure the finalization of the disbursement of the sixth installment are in progress for PM Lucas Papademos.

With the Europeans insisting on a written commitment by political leaders who support the government’s adherence to the agreements of October 26th and 27th, in order to resolve the outstanding issues, and surrounded by the rumour mill of the Eurobonds, the PM met with Eurogroup President Mr. Jean Claude Juncker. 

Mr. Juncker requests that he may hold in his hands a written guarantee by Greece before the November 28th Eurogroup, while he appeared optimistic about the tranche. As he stated, he is awaiting a letter from the Greek PM and the joint commitment of the leaders of political parties. As for Lucas Papademos, Mr Juncker mentioned that he is particularly committed to the October 26th decisions.

The schedule of the PM includes a meeting in Frankfurt with the new ECB President, Mr. Mario Draghi. 

In addition, Mr. Papademos had a telephone conversation with US President Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama congratulated the PM on assuming his post and according to Maximos Mansion, he also expressed his sympathy to Greece and affirmed US support for the efforts undertaken to address the crisis.

There is also a meeting between officials from Germany, the Netherlands and Finland on Friday on the subject of the next tranche towards Greece.

Dutch Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager revealed this information during an interview on a Dutch television network.

The Dutch official stated that there should be a clear commitment part to the implementation of reforms on Greece’s part.

“It should be clear that there is a commitment from the largest part of the opposition, to the implementation of the reform package. We want Mr. Samaras’ signature”.