GSEE and ADEDY will undertake a joint strike on December 1, the second moving to a two-hour work stoppage and protest outside the administrative reform ministry on November 24. 

"ADEDY in coordination with GSEE, decided to hold a 24-hour general strike on December 1, reacting to the memorandum policy of the new government and the new memorandum budget, which will seal the anti-labor measures of the mid-term program, increasing both the tax raids against workers, pensioners, the poor and middle classes", says ADEDY. 

Regarding redundancy, they say it will lead to the "dramatic deterioration of public services, especially in the areas of Health, Education and Social Security. Moreover, the introduction of the new payroll in the public sector creates conditions of deterioration for servants who in the coming days will see their earnings declining by up to 55%. 

For this reason, the executive committee of ADEDY decided to proceed with a protest outside the ministry of administrative reform (Vas. Sofias 15) on Thursday, November 24. To facilitate the involvement of employees, it has also decided on a two-hour strike in Athens on the same day from 13:00 until the end of shift", the statement reads on, adding that on the same day "at 14:00 ADEDY representatives will hand a resolution of support at the Portuguese Embassy toward Portuguese fellow-workers in the Portuguese government, who that day will also be on strike."