The 'black hole' in the state budget is now officially over 2 billion. Based on October data for the state budget just two months before the end of the year, the economic team: 
    •   anticipates that will finally receive 2.7bil less than the annual target set by the mid-term this year, ie 51.3bil rather than the estimated 54.0bil
    •   aspires to spend 700 million less over the target with all these cuts, ie 69.5bil instead of 70.2bil in the mid-term
But in reality things are worse… 
In the 10 months the deficit is not only 2bil higher than last year (20.092 against 18.081 in October last year) but also 2.5bil above the ten-month target for this year. 

So the Treasury is proceeding to change the target for this year from 21.5bil to 20.36bil euros. 

However, it should again receive 40.26bil by the end of the year, but in the last two months it is still missing 7bil euros. 
But government spending records a "slackness" after the fund deficits and hospitals are choking the budget: the goal for cost containment at 57.465bil (compared to 54.315 last year) is lost and now has moved at 58.551bil euros. 

And this is all on the theoretical level, since after 10 months the finance ministry was able to recover only 35% of the estimated revenue from real estate. It hopes to collect 1.23bil at the end of the year while it had a 730mil goal and now has received half of it. Closures, regulation and tax collections of past years have only yielded 60% and finally the performance targets of almost all recovery measures have remained on paper. 

And these extra expenses are almost exclusively for deficits in pension funds, hospitals, etc.